Tip of the Month

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One of the best ways to deliver outstanding service to your patients is to play intentionally. Too often we show up for work with our default mindset of just “getting through” the day which often finds us reactive and defensive when faced with challenging patients and situations. On contrary, an offensive approach increases confidence and helps your team focus on the vision/mission statement of the practice, which most always puts the quality of how we treat patients as a big priority.

To practice, encourage team leaders to huddle the team together and review the patient schedule for the day. The way we think about our patients affects the way that we act towards them. If we let our default thinking lead our actions, the things that annoy us about a patient’s mannerism or past behavior could distract us. Perhaps they showed up 15 minutes late for their last appointment, or they have a track record of cancelling. Take time to discuss any distracting thoughts that could get in the way of outstanding customer service and replace them with a more helpful thought that would align more with your desire to treat patients the way that you would want to be treated yourself. Something like, “I can be the first person to make her smile today.”  It might seem a bit uncomfortable at first however, practice this routine for a minimum of one month and talk about your experiences during your weekly meetings.

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What are you doing in your practice to align your thinking with the actions that you know will get you closer to reaching your goals?

David Williamstips