Our Mission

The mission of the group is to help dental professionals grow their dental careers, practices and personal lives by providing education, resources and networking opportunities.

who we help

We help dental students, dentists and other dental professionals.

how we help

Whether you're just starting your dental career, looking to build a practice or need help in your personal life we are here to help you.

  • We connect dental professionals with group members, who provide professional and personal services.

    • Services include financial planning, practice realty, mortgage banking, practice construction, legal, service & equipment, IT/network services, marketing & websites, accounting and human resources. Learn more here.

  • We provide networking opportunities.

  • We help you build your career or practice.

our members

We have an impressive roster of members, who have a proven track record of serving dental professionals.  Each member has been through a thorough interview process to ensure they can appropriately serve dentists and other professionals. This strategy has helped build a solid and reliable foundation of members, making the network a large success.

yOur future is our focus

Since the birth of the DNG in 2006, Co-Founders Ryan Childress and Jason Codrea have taken the concept all over Ohio and into other states.

With a passion for education, the two have built an ongoing relationship with many colleges and their dental schools. These relationships provide students resources and networking opportunities as they graduate and embark on their dental careers.

With a network of existing dentists and graduating students, the group has been able to impact all walks of life.

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