7 Cabinet Care Tips

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You probably have a bunch of cabinets and counter tops around your office.

But do you know how to keep them looking nice.  Here are seven tips for how to keep your cabinets looking like new:

  1. Regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry completely.
  2. Use non-oily furniture spray or polish for dusting and hiding minor scratches.  The laminate does not absorb oil like real wood does, enabling oily residue to transfer to other objects.
  3. If staining occurs
    • Try to remove it with mild soap and a soft-bristled brush.
    • Lightly rubbing a baking soda and water paste may also help (don’t scrub too hard to avoid damaging the surface).
    • As a last resort, rub bleach or nail polish remover on the stain for no longer than two minutes. (WARNING: Prolonged exposure to bleach will cause the laminate to discolor)
  4. Always thoroughly rinse off and wipe away the cleaning solution.
  5. Don’t set hot items directly onto the laminate.
  6. Heavy items could cause shelves and drawers to sag.  Make sure to evenly distribute the weight and don’t overload the cabinets.
  7. Avoid leaving damp or wet cloths draped over cabinet doors.  Over time, this can damage the door.
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