Dental Tenant Improvement Funds

Who Doesn’t like to be given money?

However, when it comes to tenant improvement (TI) money from a landlord it is a good idea to do your homework.  While a landlord offering $30 a square foot more than another landlord/location that you are considering may sound like a great deal, the question you need to answer is “How much will it cost to renovate the space?”

When trying to determine which TI is the best option, don’t let the total amount sway you.  There is a lot to consider when looking at what needs be done to a space e.g., what walls can go and what HAS to stay.

Bring in a contractor, preferably one familiar with dental construction, to help you determine what it will cost to make the space suitable for yourpractice.  Only then will you know just how great of a deal the offered TI funds will be for you.

David WilliamstipsComment