Life Insurance and Your Dental Practice

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There are many reasons to have life insurance at different times in your life. Upon graduating dental school, you may only need it if you are married, have children, or own a home. Some new Dentists start with the group policy from the ADA just to have minimal coverage if they do not have other reasons to own life insurance.

Life Insurance Myth: It costs too much. I can always buy it later. Maybe. Maybe not.

If you buy a dental practice you will likely need life insurance to cover the business loan debt. You may also have a partner or multiple partners and need to set up a buy-sell agreement and fund it with life insurance.

If your student loans are all still Federal Student Loans, then they are forgiven if you pass away. If you have student loans held privately then you will want to have some life insurance to pay them back if you pass away before they are paid off.

Life insurance is not as expensive as many believe it is:

There are different kinds of life insurance and each has a different benefit and cost associated with it. The important things are to start by figuring out if and how much life insurance you need first and then finding out about various types or term and permanent life insurance to determine which is best for your specific needs.


 The videos below explain the true cost of life insurance and why having a policy is important.

True Co$t  

A Legacy Of Love

What Do People Think About Life Ins.?

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 While you provide people with healthy smiles, we’ll help you take care of your own financial health.


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