Protect your dental practice information


The security of information within a dental practice is a challenge to protect in a complex digital world.  Hackers have effective methods for obtaining various entry points to a practice that have been publicly exposed, while other methods are not as well known.  How does your practice protect your patient and business-related data?

A secure firewall is a great starting point to protect from intrusions entering the office.  The firewall device is a gateway to your network from your internet service provider that can monitor traffic before it connects to your server and workstations.  Once traffic gets into your network, the equipment connected to your network can become at risk.  Additional security measures should be taken on each device to add a second, and possibly third, layer of protection in cases where an intrusion extends to a workstation or server…

Sentry Global Technologies is a full-service information technology firm located in the Columbus,OH area.  We provide technology solutions such as help desk, firewall, software support, telecommunications, network, and hardware solutions for dental, medical, and other Ohio based companies.  We maintain our clients technology with monitoring, remote support, and on-site support.  

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